Do what you do best, leave us the rest.


We are a full service company – and if we can’t do it, we know who can. Our limited client roster of 12 clients per year allows us to provide exceptional personalized services on a level unmatched by other firms. Our goal is to make your business better.

In addition to the project based services offered to our clients we offer the opportunity to secure our complete selection of services on retainer. In return for a one-year retainer we will limit our additional clients to ten so you get all the attention you need.

Browse our services below, view our rates, or contact us to secure us for your project. For website projects download our Project Planner to get started.

We also offer the exclusive Discretion Solutions Client Service to only one client per year. Our 2011 client not only impressed their clients to the point where they go an additional $125,000 in sales from those clients, but they were also able to secure five new accounts through word of mouth alone. Learn more…

Our most requested and coveted service is our business consulting limited to six clients per year. With our unconventional methods we have helped organizations save millions while retaining or increasing their staff; an exceptional feat in this economic climate.

In a 10-minute phone consult we saved one client over $175,000/year in supply costs simply by recommending a different supplier for blank DVDs and cases.

As a small firm we have flexibility that more established larger firms can’t explore; we’re not limited to “that’s how it’s always been done”.

We don’t want to waste your time or money and we certainly don’t want to waste ours.

We’ll give you a no-holds-barred review of your business, provide you with a complete outline of everything that needs your attention, and a fully documented plan of what we suggest to bring your company up to par.

In 15 minutes we saved one client over 800 hours/year when we recommended a unique piece of software, used it to perform the task, and trained the client how to use it in the future. Saving them tens of thousands per year and their biggest government contract worth more than 250 million.

We’re here to make your business better by telling you what no one else will. We have resources that you don’t, we’re willing to do things you’re not, and we’re willing to upset you and your business to make it better.

Consider us the spark that will reignite your passion.

Try us for an hour, you have nothing to lose. And – if you continue with us, we’ll credit you that first hour.

View our rates or contact us (314) 266-9717.

Our multimedia services aren’t limited to basic web sites and business cards; we provide the full experience, including, but not limited to:

  • Audience target market research.
  • Graphic, web, and print design.
  • Custom programming and database development.
  • Fully extensible and valid XHTML, XML, CSS, and 508 compliant code.
  • Client manageable websites.
  • E-commerce websites for indpendent sellers through to corporations.
  • Blogging, forums, chat rooms, photo galleries, and classifieds.
  • Corporate brochures, printed presentations, and annual reports.
  • Catalogs – with or without a complementary online, CD/DVD, or flash drive based component.
  • Direct mail, press, and trade advertising campaigns.
  • Database creation and management.
  • Customer acquisition and loyalty programs.
  • CRM programs.
  • Direct response media planning, purchasing, list analysis, brokerage, and serviced telemarketing.
  • Final product printing.

View our rates or contact us (314) 266-9717.

There is a whole world beyond web and print, and we can help you impress in every way you can imagine. We have created exceptional multimedia packages for individuals and small businesses to Fortune 50 corporations. Our work has included:

  • Interactive client dashboards with drill-down and mapping capabilities.
  • Commercials and online video presentations.
  • Prime time television spots.
  • Radio ads.
  • Professional voice over.
  • Mobile applications for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android devices.
  • Product packaging and 3D visualization.
  • Custom coded interactive client data face sheets.
  • Multimedia presentations including video, web, print, and take-along media.
  • Interactive and international marriage proposals.
  • Telephone answering voice over.
  • Physical, online, and in-person training packages.
  • 3D client and product renderings.
  • Interactive, touch-screen, kiosk design and development.
  • Digital signage, design, setup, hosting, and maintenance.
  • eBook editing, design, and publication.
  • Product launches.
  • Mystery shopping with full online reports.
  • Flash mob / Guerrilla marketing.
  • … and much more.

View our rates or contact us (314) 266-9717.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of modifying and updating your website and online presence’s content, design, and code to make it more desirable to search engine spiders.

The gist is that if a search engine spider crawls around your site – or your social media posts, or your posts on other sites, etc. – and (1) likes what it’s reading, (2) finds that what it’s reading is relevant to everything else at the site and on the page, and (3) is providing appropriate emphasis then it will put you higher up in results.

If, after it moves you up in the results, people also find your content relevant when they search for words and your site comes up, then you get moved up higher and stay on top longer.

There is no way to guarantee results in SEO.

SEO is as much an art as it is a science. As such, it is an incredibly specialised field that demands expertise, not a passing interest. And there is no way to guarantee results in SEO; anyone who guarantees you first page or first place rankings will gladly take your money while delivering mediocre, if any, results. Guaranteeing SEO results is the equivalent of someone telling you they can guarantee that, out of the 10,000 providers of your services in a given city, you will be the only company anyone calls.

We’ll analyze your current strategy, determine a more effective strategy, put it into effect, monitor its progress and effectiveness, modify as necessary, and we’ll help you understand what we’re doing each step of the way so you know why we’re doing what we’re doing.

This will also allow you to extend this specialized and highly targeted marketing strategy into the rest of your business for a cohesive and incredibly effective target audience focused marketing plan.

View our rates or contact us (314) 266-9717.

While search engine optimization and search rankings are important for most businesses, it is often more important to analyze exactly how your web site, print media, marketing, and business as a whole is being utilized by your clients and how you can more effectively serve their wants and needs while reinforcing the brand you want them to know.

Creating the ultimate customer experience starts with understanding your customer and what it is they are looking for from you.

We will work with you to research, identify, outline a plan of action, execute the plan, and reinforce your brand experience from the ground up, including: your physical business, your business stationery, your telephone support responses, your online presence, every aspect of your company relies on customer experience and we want to show you what it’s doing for you right now and how you can make it work better for you, resulting in a higher ROI, more money for you and your staff, and less wasted time and effort.

We’ll review your website with the purpose of updating it to the current day white-glove SEO standards (legal and ethical means). We’ll review your social media marketing plan and show you how to do it better, more efficiently, and how to make you and your business the experts in your field. We’ll review your visitors actions both online and at your brick-and-mortar business and tell you what they won’t.

In addition, we can provide you with monthly, quarterly, or annual reports on your business and how the changes you make are affecting your business.

Our goal is to help you make more money; the key to that is understanding how your business affects your clients.

Ultimately you need to form an emotional connection with your clients, and you can’t do that until you get to know them. We’ll make that introduction.

View our rates or contact us (314) 266-9717.

Marketing is key to the success of any business. From client presentations and product launches to customer events and exhibitions, each plays a very specific role in the success of your customer action campaigns. We’re here to help you deliver a superior experience to your clients; we’ll work to understand what really moves your audience including:

  • Custom corporate stand-alone web sites, which are a highly effective marketing tool when distributed on mini-CD to potential clients.
  • 3D environment PowerPoint presentations – including the touch wall capabilities as seen demonstrated by Bill Gates.
  • Micro sites (usually single page sites) to market your latest product or service.
  • E-books fully formatted for printing and online distribution with the option for iPhone app development as well.
  • Custom client dashboard monitoring portals including drill-down capabilities and mapping technology.
  • E-learning, video tutorials, and interactive manuals.
  • Custom press release advertising.
  • Unique and actionable direct mail campaigns.
  • Interactive online and custom print surveys of your customer base.
  • … and our trademarked Discretion Solutions Client Service for that personalized touch for your top clients. Contact us to learn more.

View our rates or contact us (314) 266-9717.