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Great Branding Examples Read more »

Great Branding Examples

There has been one company  in particular in the news regularly for their amazing branding abilities: Apple has an unmistakable logo and style. All of their products have an incredibly clean lines, generally rely on solid colors, with a preference for pure black and white,…

Bad Logos Read more »

Bad Logos

Your logo is your business’ face to the world … but it may not be quite what you think. This pediatric center logo circulated online for some time before the center decided to remove it from their marketing material and change to a text only…

The Wrong Designers Read more »

The Wrong Designers

Who should you trust your branding to? Ideally not your neighbour, son or daughter, niece or nephew, kid next door, or cheap online web business – unless they’re professional marketers. Your company’s branding should stay with your company for its entire existence, in some form…

Branding Slogans Read more »

Branding Slogans

Branding Slogans What makes for a good slogan? It captures your brand, delivers your message, and is short and memorable, like these: Think Different : : Apple Just Do It : : Nike Have It Your Way : : Burger King You’re In Good Hands…

What is your company saying? Read more »

What is your company saying?

Your company has several voices: business cards, website, slogans and taglines, letterhead, and more.  So what is your company saying? When starting a business we put most of our effort into the practical planning: the finances, business plan, the services, the employees – often neglecting…

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