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What software are other businesses using and what should you use? Leave a comment Read more »

What software are other businesses using and what should you use?

I ran across this infographic recently, “The best tools to run your business.” and it got me thinking about what I use.  So here it is: Company Email: My own domains plus GMail. Accounting: Quickbooks Analytics: Google Analytics CRM: Undecided Media: Adobe CS5.5 Storage:…

Market Research Read more »

Market Research

Market research is an essential part of business.  When you want to properly target your products and services market research is what will provide you the confidence to move ahead with your decision knowing your clients will accept your offering. Business decisions that are based…

Listening to Your Visitors Read more »

Listening to Your Visitors

If you collected all of your online browsing history and categorized every page you have ever visited you could create a rather impressive image of your online self.  What if you could do that with your visitors’ history? It may not be possible to open…

Who are your real visitors? Read more »

Who are your real visitors?

Websites are only as successful as their visitors believe they are. So how do you find out who your real visitors are, how they found you, and if your site really is of benefit to them? First, let’s find out who they are.  If you…

10 Reasons to Redesign Read more »

10 Reasons to Redesign

1. Logo or marketing materials have changed. If your logo or marketing materials have changed your website needs to change with them to maintain continuity.  That includes color schemes, fonts, images, and content. 2. New audience. Did you create a product for people in their…

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