Web Project Process


We have refined our process over the past 14 years and continue to do so, here’s what you can expect to experience when we work together. Note that not all steps apply to all projects. Look for the double asterisk ** to see where you’ll be involved.

Project Definition

Initial Contact **

This is when you contact us.

Consultation **

This is our first meeting, whether in person, over the phone, or online. We discuss your issues and requirements and how our skills and services can complement.

Project Outline

This is where we create a written outline of your requirements and how we intend to serve those requirements. This includes both your technical and visual desires. This outline will be the basis for the quote.

Project Timeline

This is where we create a timeline based on the outline. Our timelines are written in a Gantt chart format showing how the development and design process is based on dependencies. They are written on a week-by-week basis with no official start date or launch date.

Initial Maintenance Planning

This is where we figure out what you would like to update at the site, what will need to be updated regularly and who will be performing the maintenance, and which maintenance package is appropriate for your requirements .


Initial Quote

The initial quote is based on the consultation, project outline, and project timeline.

Agreement and Deposit **

This is when you receive the project outline, timeline, quote, maintenance plan, and the multimedia agreement. You will also pay the deposit at this point.


This is when we receive the signed working agreement or written confirmation necessary to being the project, and the deposit. No work is ever started before the deposit is received.

Site Structure

Content and Functionality Outline

This is where we outline the content at your site and how it will work for you and the visitors.

Site Diagrams

This is where we outline how the site will look, its basic functional outline. This is like the blueprint for a house.

Page Description Diagrams

Each page at a website has different requirements. The front page will not function the same as a portfolio page. This is when we outline how those pages will look.


This is the first functional step in the development of your project. This is when we code how the site will function. At this point the site looks like a bunch of lines with some clickable areas.

Visual Design

Draft Visual Designs

This is the look and feel part of the project. This is when we sketch out how we think your project should look. This is done after the blueprint process above because we can’t know what the project should look like, until we know what it needs to do.

Feedback **

This is where we bring our design ideas to you and you give us your feedback on what we’ve created.

Refine Design

This is where we take your feedback and hone the design.

Select Design **

And now you get to choose the design that will get applied to your project.

Site Development

Confirm / Refine Tech Specs **

Now that we’ve figured out the look and feel and the functionality we review that information with you to make sure nothing has changed.

Review / Adjust Project Timeline **

Based on the confirmation and refining of the technical specifications we adjust the project timeline. This may happen throughout the project because as you know, life sometimes gets in the way.

Build and Integrate Site

This is when we take the wireframes we made earlier and we apply the design. At the end of this phase, your project looks complete, but it’s not.

Test and Refine

Quality Assurance Testing

No projects leave our hands until they have been tested thoroughly. We do everything your audience will do to make sure everything works. That said, we’re human, and we do the testing ourselves, so we can miss things. With your permission we’ll also put your project up for anonymous testing including audio and video so you can see exactly what your audience sees and does.

Prioritize Issues

At this point we’ll prioritize any issues so we know what needs to be addressed first.

Refine Site

We go back through the entire site and refine all processes, content, speed, optimization. We basically make it more efficient.


Training Guide

This is when we create your training guide. The training guide will walk you through every process that your site is capable of that you want control of. This manual will come in handy if you ever want to make changes or if you change to another developer.

Final Payment and Copyright **

This is when you pay the final payment, we sign over the copyright for the project, you receive all deliverables including the training guide, and the agreement is concluded. Note that many parts of the agreement continue long after our work is concluded.


We launch your project!

Implement Maintenance Plan

We follow up every project with two weeks of maintenance at no charge. After those two weeks, if you purchased a maintenance plan, this is when it goes into effect.