Our Team

Meet who you'll be working with.

Our Team

While we’re primarily based in St. Louis, Missouri, we believe in working with the best – regardless of where they are – which means we have designers, developers, and clients on almost every continent. If you’re interested in joining our team contact us.

Our culturally diverse team allows us to offer multilingual services in: English, French, German, Dutch, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, American Sign Language, and Arabic. And any languages we don’t currently use we will both learn and source an appropriate translator for your project so you have a resource not only during your project but during your maintenance term as well. We are also well versed in Federal disability and accessibility policies and have cultural liaisons for every demographic.


Principal / UX/UI Specialist
Multimedia Appraiser

French, German, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin

Danielle brings over 15 years of experience in multimedia and business consulting and management and is not only the owner but also the art and creative director, a designer, developer, copywriter, translator, SEO, multimedia, and UX/UI expert. In her spare time she is an avid gardener, DIY aficionado, portrait artist, sculptress, baby product designer and business owner, and author. Learn more about Danielle at her personal website, on Twitter, on Linkedin, and on Google+.

info@discretiondesigns.com | o: (314) 266-9717 | c: (314) 225-5881


Website and Applications Developer
Photographer / Videographer

French, Arabic

Erique’s 11 years of U.S. Army and Psychological Operations experience is a huge benefit to our clients. His work overseas providing U.S. Public Relations provides a unique perspective and insight for our client’s marketing campaigns. When he’s not working on developing the back-end of your websites and applications he’s an avid wood worker, physical fitness enthusiast, and all around Do-it-Yourself tradesman.


Project Manager

French, German, Spanish

Since 1997 Keegan has managed his own consulting practice serving entrepreneurs, aboriginal groups, and early to mid-stage businesses seeing support in business planning, access to capital, and project management. He has enjoyed contracts in oil and gas, gold mining, diamonds and precious metals, music, TV and film production, hospitality, transportation and logistics, aerospace, and he has a 14 year career with the US Air Force reserves. He offers you an approachable personality and a hands-on dedication catering to your project’s needs.


Social Media Director


A veteran marketing professional with 17+ years experience in traditional marketing and publicity, Liz honed her skills in the music industry where she used traditional and emerging online tools to generate excitement, promote sales and engage fans. Most recently, she manages the internet initiatives of a large non-profit and is the co-creator and community manager of a community driven website. She currently lives and works in the Boston area as a social and community manager.


Social Media Manager


David combines the the savvy of a marketer with skills of an educator and the initiative of an early-adopter to help you tell your story and get everyone else talking about it too. David sees the online arena as a venue for building and strengthening relationships, between individuals and among communities, and this philosophy extends to the business and nonprofit world. David has built his own network of colleagues, fans, and friends online, and he’s ready to help you build yours.


UX Architect / Copywriter / Musician
Psychotherapist / Translator

Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, and American Sign Language

Chris is a multilingual UX Architect, author, copywriter, and established musician. With Master’s degrees in both music and psychology he is an incredible asset when it comes to understanding your audience, their needs, concerns, requirements, and how to best form an emotional connection with them. Chris’ 18+ years in the mental and physical health industry, with a specialty in assisted services, has provided him in depth experience with Federal grants, working with non profit organizations, and working with minority groups and their accessibility needs.


Graphic Designer / Ruby Developer

Darin is an amazing graphic designer and Ruby programmer. He has created custom graphics for e-Bay, IceHouse, Miller Light, Finlandia Vodka, Budweiser, Parking Spot, and many more well established corporations. In addition to his programming and graphic skills Darin also served on Tony Robbins’ board for several years and understands how non-profit organizations function, allowing us to serve you better.


Flash Developer / Graphic Designer
Musician / Microsoft Technician

Ben is a talented multimedia artist with specialties in Flash development and musical composition. Ben embraced Flash early on in 2001, which gives you a huge advantage for any interactive Flash projects you have. His skills are unparalleled, and if you’ve heard Flash is dead? It’s alive and well in Ben’s hands. There’s a right way to work with Flash, and he knows it. Ben is also an established recording artist and one of our house musicians, providing original tracks for your media projects.